10 Reasons You Should Join Us For The RiftMaz 2018

We’re in the thick of spring time marathon season now – best of luck to you if you’ve got one approaching (or congratulations if you’ve got one freshly in the bag!). A marathon is a huge achievement, it required dedication, training – a lot of training – cash (travel, shoes, entry, more shoes, blister plasters…), and the courage to even sign up. You deserve to feel INCREDIBLE! 

Now for your next marathon, how about coming out the other side with all the joy of completing a marathon…plus:

10 Things You’ll Come Away with from Running the RiftMaz

  1. memories that will make you smile for a lifetime
  2. new friends
  3. an achievement under your belt that most people could only dream of
  4. a great tan
  5. having made a very genuine difference to some very special kids
  6. a million beautiful photos
  7. a handmade, unique medal (that weighs a tonne)
  8. a few hangovers
  9. some battle-scared running shoes
  10. a new appreciation for how much Africa has to offer

…keeping it to ten was not easy! If we wrote down everything Running the Rift Marathon gives back to its runners, we’d never get to the end of this post 🙂


The RiftMaz is much much more than a marathon, it’s being part of something truly unique, something unimaginably special, and something that only exists because we – people just like you – want you to experience something you’ll remember forever. It’s our way of making a difference in the world, and it will probably be the best thing you do in 2018.

Yesterday we went to make a slideshow with some of our favourite pics, we got carried away and made a super cheesy fun video instead, hope you like it:

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