We love big greoups and we cannot lie!

Being a part of Running the Rift Maz is an amazing experience regardless of your travel experience: unbeatable sunsets, cheap beers, views to die for, warm smiles, and the adventure of a lifetime. And who wouldn’t want to share something like this with your family, best friends, or favourite running buddies? So if you book with four or more people, we can give every single member of that group a hefty discount, which means more souvenirs, beers, and coffees (for those hangovers caused by the extra beers) for everyone!

Other benefits of bringing your pals along include:

•  Extra people to help you remember your bug spray, sunscreen, and water bottle

•  Socks to borrow when you realise that you left yours at home

•  Multiple pairs of eyes to look out for rogue boda bodas

•  A source of photos after losing your camera to deepest, darkest Africa

•  Someone you can re-live those memories with now that you are back to reality

So now that you have found your herd of travel buddies, let’s talk details:

4-5 participants: 10% discount per person*
6+ participants: 20% discount per person*

All you have to do is contact us with the names of the people in your group, book via the website as normal, et voila – your discount will show on your final payment invoices. 

*Group Discounts do not apply to Race-Only Entries.